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Where can I download the registered copy of my software?

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I have lost all my registration details for a product I licensed before. What can I do now?
After purchase, every customer receives a registration email from Totalidea Software, which includes...
I am having trouble downloading my registered copy
Download problems of our licensed versions can have multiple causes:1.) A download accelerating soft...
I cannot find my Purchase ID
You can review all your orders and your Purchase IDs by following this link. Have your Credit Card ...
Why can't I use my free email address when I want to place an order?
E-mail addresses from free e-mail providers such as,, or others are ...
I have not received my registration email
Our systems automatically send out the registration emails, but sometimes spam filters, or even ISPs...
What's your return and refund policy?
Totalidea Software - Return and refund policy Unlike physical goods, electronically distributed s...
When connecting to a security message is displayed by my browser
Please navigate to instead of https://www.tota
Where can I update my newsletter preferences?
You can subscribe / unsubscribe from our newsletter here. To disable update notification emails, ei...

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